The Lab at Art in Praxis is an emerging space for curious creative practice; a site for action, experimentation and critical dialogue. We gather, challenge the status quo and heal. 


  • The lab thrives on collaboration and experimentation. We also know that language is powerful and that everything should not be an "experiment".
  • The work produced in the lab is steeped in engagement and reflection.
  • What is made here often thrives outside of institutions, galleries and other spaces preserved for capital "A" Art.
  • Projects percolate along the intersections of art, identity, healing, and place.
  • Projects take roots or wings in the hands of those who engage in them.

Interested in working together in this capacity? Tell us about your idea or challenge and let's explore how we might do our best work together. 


About the Archive

Creative Placemaking/ Placekeeping

  • Crank & Groove: A Go-Go Love Story (Theatre) - Part storytelling, part Go-Go concert, part DC history lesson, rooted in call and response, live instrumentation and improvisation featuring DC Go-Go griots and archive photos. Featured in the Washington City Paper Fall Arts Guide, The Washington Post, WAMU Arts Beat, Huffington Post and Magazine. [VIDEO]
  • CHISPA- “Spark” in Spanish, 6 – 10 minute talks, featuring the most interesting thinkers, do’er and dreamers from seemingly disparate industries finding common ground through talking about what they love. 
  • #FUTUREOF | “Future of (Your) Street” is a city-wide civic engagement project where DC residents dine with their neighbors, exchange ideas & collectively vision for their communities. Launched April 1st, 2014.


  • HISTORICAL PLEASURE LAB | The Historical Pleasure Lab focuses on reclaiming and creating stories/narratives of Pleasure. Participants have used the lab as a space to devise new performance art, interrogate their personal relationship with pleasure and to just play. 
  • BLACK UNICORN POETRY DECK | Gain insight, affirmation and spark creativity through Audre Lorde’s poetic brilliance!  Each card features an excerpt from a poem in “The Black Unicorn” and can be used as a divining tool by selecting a card from the deck, and interpreting the poem excerpt with reference to a personal question or issue of importance in your life. 
  • THE MATCH | “The Match” is a curated experiment in cultivating longer-term working relationships between local artists and local social enterprises.  It’s speed-dating for collaborators.  It’s a vehicle for artists and social good organizations to further their collective reach + impact.
  • BROWN BAG LUNCH LABCreative Facilitation for Teams. The lab is designed for teams looking to infuse creativity into their ongoing practice. We are asking, "What’s the best that can happen in two hours?" Participants dive into an opportunity or challenge over lunch. Read the case study
  • ANNA JULIA COOPER: Community at the Intersections of Identity, History and Radical Imagination | Anna Julia Cooper (1858-1964) was an educator, author, and activist who fought for social justice and civil rights for women, young people, and the poor through her scholarship, organizing, and educational leadership. Born into slavery she later became the 1st African American women to graduate from Oberlin College (B.A.) and the Sorbonne in France (Ph.D). Cooper helped build cultural organizations that advocated for fair housing, equal employment, equal education and cultural preservation in Washington, DC. She lived in LeDroit Park for 50 years. Inspired by her emphasis on the importance of lived experiences as a site of knowledge, AiP hosted salons, talks and strategy sessions that explored what it means to celebrate her life and legacy while visioning for generations to come.


  • MERIDIANS LAB: Experiments In Art, Change & Praxis #MLabDC | Guided by a set of ‘meridians’, specific pathways in which notions of art, change and praxis are explored, this site-specific lab explored Emergence, Feminine Economy & Radical Imagination with a range of artists, instigators, question-askers, builders and organizers. #MLabDC sought to catalyze critical dialogue, creative practice, and world building that lives well beyond temporal space and time.
  • NextNOW Fest @ The Clarice Performing Arts Center, University of Maryland | A participatory four day multi-arts festival. Served as Guest Curator; produced 5 live performances and cultivated partnerships.  
  • Designer, Works in Progress Lab @ Cucalorus Film Festival | (Fall 2015) Supporting films in-production by progressive filmmakers; designing opportunities for artists to share unfinished works and engage unexpected audiences in the filmmaking process.