We work in the social sector ecosystem.


Our partners and clients are interested in having more capacity to do great work. They understand that there has never been a more opportune – and urgent – moment to leverage our inherent creativity and new ways of thinking in the practice of planned change for individual, and organizational growth. 

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Community Engagement Design

Art in Praxis also Designs Dynamic workshops,  and convenings 

Do the values of your work call for community engagement? We work with you and your stakeholders to 1. develop a continuum of culturally relevant strategies and 2. design experiences that position you to work more collaboratively, find innovative solutions to social problems and/or activate and deepen relationships.

Meeting Design and Facilitation

An outside perspective can bring clarity and focus to your project timeline and process. We work with teams and organizations to design meetings, implement systems, and workplans. We leave clients with new facilitation skills and tools. With over 10 years of facilitation experience, we provide a range of services to support meetings, retreats and short-term projects. 

Graphic Recording

Are you looking for a creative way to keep everyone engaged during your meetings? Studies show that we learn better when information is accompanied by visuals. Graphic Recording is a tool for engagement and a process that connects and translates complex ideas into words and pictures in real time. 

group alchemy: Team Development

Leaders must simultaneously juggle the long-and short-term while inspiring those around them to do great work. The stakes are high in the social sector. We work with teams to create group and organizational cultures that serve both immediate goals and longer-term visions.

Strategic Thinking, planning and ROAD MAPPING

A good strategic planning process is one that crystalizes intentions. When understood and implemented, it impacts your team’s culture, productivity, and gives you a framework to prioritize resources. We use a variety of techniques and creative processes so you can articulate a clear vision of where you want to go. These include: 

  • Strategic frameworks to generate insights
  • Mind mapping to align strategic thinking amongst stakeholders
  • Future scenarios to stimulate discussion
  • Opportunity and resource identification and prioritization

Executive/Leadership Transitions and Succession Planning